Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pulmonology Update

We saw the New Brunswick pulmonologist today, and got some pretty good news. On the down side, Andrea still needs to be on oxygen. She desatted in less than 5 minutes when we removed her from the support. On the other hand, WE LOST THE APNEA MONITOR!!! When Andrea is sleeping, she needs to have a PulsoOx meter on to make sure there are no problems. We have to do that for about 2 weeks, and if all is stable, even that will be a thing of the past. The doctor also made the determination to decrease the flow of her oxygen from .5 liters per minute to .25 liters per minute unless she's sleeping or eating.


  1. Oh, praise God. Now maybe you can get some sleep. This has been an amazing saga, and it goes on... We think of you and pray for you daily.
    Love, Charlie and Janice

  2. Hopefully you'll be able to catch some sleep now...
    Still thinking of and praying for you all...
    God Bless
    Sue x