Thursday, September 10, 2009

Don't Throw the Baby Out With the Bath Water

Note: I began this post Thursday night and am just now (Saturday morning) getting to finish it. I hope it all still makes sense.

My mother is a wonderful person who (along with my father, of course) raised three children, all of whom have gone on to have children of their own. Counting my stepson, Mom and Dad now have 7 grandchildren, ranging in age from 12 on down to Andrea at 6 months. Both my parents (but especially Mom) now spend their retirements traveling between the three siblings (Long Island, NY, Essex County and Bergen County, NJ) providing baby sitting, help with housework and general moral support. My mom often says she gets frustrated with people who expect babies to be happy all the time. After all, they're entitled to their moods, too. Mom likes to point out the ADULTS aren't happy all the time, and they have much more control over their lives than babies.

So, why all the news about Mom in Andrea's blog? Well, because Andrea is in a MOOD tonight, and I'm ready to scream! She's yanked the cannula off her face at least half a dozen times today, and will only sleep when someone is holding her. Right now, she's on the floor on a play mat, rubbing at the cannula until the prongs are in her mouth. Then she sucks on the prongs. Does she want her pacifier? NO! Will she suck her thumb? NO! She just wants the cannula. Part of the problem right now is that she's overdue for a nap, but I refuse to let her sleep on me. So, instead of giving me the satisfaction of sleeping in her crib, (or even on the mat on the floor) she's just going to be grouchy.

I really can't complain. My Dad was here the last three days, helping out because Kenny was sick and I needed someone. He's very good with Andrea - and is willing and able to hold her while she sleeps. I think he's "the Baby Whisperer". He holds her and she's calm. Oh, well, it's a grandparent's prerogative to spoil the grandchildren. As the mother, I have to hold firm.

In an effort to kill time until I can fed Andrea and (hopefully) get her to sleep, I gave her a bath a little earlier than usual. Like both her brothers, she is a water baby, and loves the tub. The one we have was a gift from "Aunt Adrienne" (who gave us the much more precious gift of her blood for Andrea) and is a blessing for us. It's small enough that I can fill it in the bathroom and bring it into Andrea's room. It's easier to do that than put Andrea on an oxygen tank or use the LONG cannula to get her into the bathroom. What are we going to do with ourselves when we don't have oxygen issues any more? We'll be delirious with the joys! Anyway, here is a picture of Andrea enjoying her bath. She would only smile when I didn't have the camera pointing at her, so she looks more unhappy than she really is :-)

“Patience and fortitude conquer all things”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. Hey guys it's wonderful to hear how great Andrea is doing! Love all the pictures and terrific stories! She is doing awesome weaning off the oxygen too! Keep up the great work! She'll get there soon and you'll finally be free!
    Have fun!
    Deb & Scott