Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Eleven Months Old Today

As of 5:29 p.m., Andrea is celebrating 11 months of life. Over the last few posts, I've been writing about how much this experience has taken out of us. Whenever we have a milestone day, I can't help but relive every moment that led us to this point. I sill vividly remember being in the NICU during rounds and hearing the residents report on Andrea. "Baby Zimmerman, x 26 weeker, today is day X of life". In the beginning, we clung to every single day - grateful to have made it that far, afraid to believe that she was going to be OK, but equally unwilling to contemplate the alternative. Now, here we are on 334 of life, still marveling at our good fortune.

We don't have another developmental clinic until March 1, so we're sort of on our own for how Andrea's doing. She sees her pediatrician with incredible frequency because of all her vaccines, so we have a pretty good idea of how she's faring. She has been thriving in the "Grammy & Pa" day care situation. She gets way more floor time there than she does at home. Andrea loves being on the floor. She rolls all over the place, and is pushing up on hands and knees more and more often. She is loving baby food, now that we've stopped trying to make her eat peas. Sweet potatoes and carrots went down well. We're going to give her fruit this weekend. We figure we've forced enough vegetables on her already for now. We've also started giving her Cheerios. She can pick them up herself, but can't get them into her mouth. Still, if we feed them to her, she likes to gum them.

"Faith is not believing
that God can,
It is knowing
that God will."

Today's quote came to me today in an email from my friend Janice. It seemed appropriate.

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