Monday, May 4, 2009

Swaddled and Fed

Andrea had another red letter day today. She gained 50 grams since yesterday, making her 1425 grams (3 pounds, 2.3 ounces) and was measured at 38.5 cm (15.2 inches). For a few weeks, the nurses skipped taking a length measurement, since her head was so badly distorted from the CPAP. I'm amazed at how quickly it's reverting to its normal, rounded shape. It's better enough that the nurses felt a length measurement would be reliable. Andrea's milk has been increased again to 27 ml. The quantity is based on her weight, so as she gains, especially so quickly, her meals need to be increased to keep pace.

Andrea spent all night at 25% oxygen, only getting bumped up to 30% for her second bottle feeding. She got her 27 ml (30 ml = 1 oz) in a bottle at her 3 o'clock feeding, and sucked the whole thing down in less than 15 minutes. After she ate and was burped, I got to hold her all swaddled up, as you can see from today's picture. Under her blankets, Andrea is actually wearing an undershirt, another momentous event. She's finally big enough for some clothing!

The bottle feeding has been ordered for once a day, as long as Andrea can tolerate it. The nurses are free to decide which feeding is best. She seems to be pretty alert in the afternoons, and she needs to be awake enough to participate. Remember, for over 9 weeks, all her meals were delivered to her via tubing, allowing her to be passive. Now she has to work for her meals!

"I asked God for all things, that I might enjoy life. God gave me life, that I might enjoy all things."
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