Saturday, May 16, 2009

What a Difference!

Andrea got her transfusion late last night, and we were able to see a difference already today. She was well enough that the nurse was able to give her a bottle for her 9 a.m. feeding, and she was able to fight me when I tried to take her temperature and change her diaper. She is by no means 100% herself, but we believe that all the breathing trouble yesterday really took a lot out of her. 120 breaths a minute is pretty fast, and she was panting for a long time.

The IV needs to stay in for now - she's going to get at least three days of antibiotics. If the cultures come back negative, that'll be the end of it. If they're positive for some kind of infection, she'll get 7 to 10 days of medication. Her nurse today managed to dress her, despite the IV in her arm. It was a huge relief to us to see her in her own clothes, looking healthy. Last night, she was in the isolette, which had been heated again, and she was naked except for her diaper. We've been spoiled by seeing her dressed. She just looks better in clothes.

I spoke to the doctors today, who were also relieved that Andrea is doing better. I believe they were doing what they thought was best when they requested permission for a spinal tap. I feel terrible that Andrea had to endure that, especially since it took a few tries to get a sample. Still, I'd feel worse if we denied permission and then Andrea got really sick. The doctor in charge reassured me that they will be more proactive in deciding when to give Andrea blood - they'll do transfusions when her hematocrit is 25% or less. It was 23% yesterday. (Hematocrit is the percentage of red blood cells in the blood)

A few of Andrea's nurses follow this blog - I trust them to correct any of my inaccurate statements. I try to pay close attention, but sometimes the doctors lose me. The nurses have been wonderful about making sure we understand what's happening, and why. The doctors do the same, but we see much more of the nurses, and they're better at the explanations.

Thank you for your concern yesterday. She is really better today - although not her complete self. Her color is WAY better than it was - she's rosy pink again. Her appetite is still excellent. She has lost some weight, between the diuretic and not eating for a few meals yesterday. She'll pack it back on soon, though. We're lucky that eating has not been a problem for her.

“Take heart again; put your dismal fears away. One day, who knows? Even these hardships will be grand things to look back on.”


  1. What a relief to read today's post. Thumbs up to baby Andrea for being such a feisty girl and continued strength and courage to her wonderful mommy and daddy.

  2. Thank you for posting such good news tonight. We are very relieved. And we agree that Andrea looks fantastic in her clothes!
    Ann Marie and James

  3. Mom has been keeping us posted and we were saddened to hear the setback of Andrea, but strength, prayers and trust goes a long way. All this shows that Andrea wants to be with you and Ken just as much as you want her home in the comfort of your house. We continue with the prayers and continue to wait for that magical day when our little Andrea is home.

    Love and prayters always,
    Aunt Pat and Uncle Pete

  4. I was hoping Andrea wouldn't need the blood, but I'm soooo glad it was there for her. The blood comes with lots of love, positive energy, and strength for healing.
    You are all in my thoughts and prayers always!