Monday, July 6, 2009

The New Normal

We have adjusted again to being back home, but Andrea is still not herself. She has a cough on occasion, and we have a nebulier to give her breathing treatments, should it become necessary. The two most obvious differences are that she is not eating as well, and needs to be coaxed to finish her milk, and she's much more temperamental. It's not unusual for her to cry for no apparent reason, although I'm sure she just feels yucky. Still, Ken and I need to sleep SOME time, so it's been a rough two days. She wants to eat every two hours, and eat less at each feeding. I refuse to allow this, because even in the hospital, she ate every three! I can't go backwards! We see the pulmonologist on Wednesday for a follow up from the hospitalization. I also have to reschedule the three doctors' appointments we needed to cancel last week, since she was in the hospital.

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