Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Waiting Game

Andrea is continuing to hold her own. She is an amazing baby, and puts up with so much. Today, the doctors decided to put in an IV, "just in case". Since she started having fevers, it is better to have one in, ready to go. The hospital brought down two NICU nurses to get the IV in, as well as to draw some blood for testing. They're running a blood culture (looking for bacteria in her blood) blood counts (especially white cell levels) and electrolytes. So now we wait again for results. It takes 48 hours or so for the bacterial to grow from the culture.

Since Andrea is having fevers, the doctors have taken her off the diuretics. Fevers can be dehydrating, and the medications don't help. The pulmonologist I spoke with today is hoping to be able to keep her off them, so when she goes home, we won't have to keep having blood work done. It all depends on how she responds.

The medication she's taking for the flu should help her get better, faster. The doctor told me that it shortens the duration of the illness, and can reduce the severity of the symptoms. Even so, we're probably going to be in the hospital for much of the weekend, if not all. The first 5 to 6 days are supposed to be the worst of it, so we're halfway done today. (I hope, please God!)

Thank you for the encouraging emails and comments. We need those thoughts and prayers.


  1. Still praying for you all. Never stopped. Hang in there. How is the icky, icky wound? Love, Charlie and Janice

  2. We all hope Andrea gets better quickly!1
    She is a very strong baby that's for sure.
    You and Ken keep strong too.
    Judy and the whole family.