Monday, June 8, 2009

At Long Last

One Hundred and Two Days after the odyssey began, we are ecstatic to report that Andrea Eda Lindsley is home. She is on oxygen, and has several follow up appointments in the coming months, but she is here with us. We are emotionally and physically drained, and I need to sleep. I will write more tomorrow, but for now, thank you for all you've done in getting us here. We would never have made it without the prayers and support. I found today's quote more than three months ago, and have been saving it for this day. We kept faith that this day would come, but we had a hard time believing it would happen.

Here is Andrea in her crib, in her own room. She's still small, so the crib looks enormous! She is now 44 cm (17.3 inches) and 2610 grams (5 pounds, 12 ounces), making her the size of a regular newborn.

“It always seems impossible until it's done.”
Nelson Mandela


  1. So wonderful--"coming home day" is always so significant, and this one takes the cake!--Sharon

  2. Rodney and I have been following Andrea's progress practically every day and we just want to tell you how remarkable a mother you are, Victoria. To be blessed with so loving a family and multitude of dear friends speaks volumes about you!

  3. Wonderful news...

    Sue x

  4. What wonderful news! We're so happy for your family!
    Maureen, Joe, and Nina

  5. Welcome home to all of you!!!!!! I couldn't be happier! Andrea has no idea what a lucky little girl she is to have such a loving and devoted family!!!!!