Monday, June 29, 2009

A Big Bump

Andrea is back in the hospital. She woke this morning with a slight fever (100.5) and went to see her doctor. By the time we got to the office, she'd developed a wheeze. The doctor didn't like the sound of her lungs, so arranged for us to see a pulmonologist immediately. His take was that she probably had a virus of some kind, and we could take her home and watch her all night, or we could admit her to the hospital. We opted for the hospital.

So, as I type this, Ken is keeping company at Morristown Memorial with Andrea. Right before I came home with Kenny George, I took Andrea to x-ray, and we're waiting to see what they have to say about her lungs. We do know that she has Influenza strain A, which is what caused the fever and most likely the wheezing. The good news is that, so far, her fever went away without medications, and she's still eating fairly well. The bad news is that ANY illness of this type in a small baby (preemie or full term) is dangerous. Fortunately, there is a lot the hospital can do to help Andrea. They can provide additional oxygen support, IV fluids, medications for the congestion. The bad news is that there is little they can do about the virus itself. Once again, we are back to "wait and see".

I know many of you have continued to pray for Andrea. We ask for those prayers right now. We are more scared than we've been in a while. We know Andrea is a fighter, and she's already got her game face on. She's bearing up well to the procedures and we know she'll get through this, too. But please, Pray anyway. It got us this far - we just need to get a little further.

I'll try to post again when there's more news.


  1. You're in our thoughts, prayers and hearts.

  2. You are never far from our thoughts and always in our prayers.
    Love sue x