Friday, June 5, 2009

Not Just Yet

Well, we are somewhat saddened to report that Andrea is not yet home. Ken and I "roomed in" at the hospital last night, and all was basically fine. The monitors caused more sleep loss than Andrea did. The alarms would sound if she moved to much, or if the sensors were loose. For a variety of reasons, the decision was made to keep Andrea a few more days.

Yesterday afternoon, Andrea was examined by a pulmonologist. It was his recommendation that she remain in the SCN at least through the weekend. Since Wednesday, many changes have been made to Andrea's regime, and the doctor wanted more time to assess how her body was going to react. She is now "feed on demand", meaning that she can eat as much as she wants whenever she wants. Since she's taking in so much fluid, she is on two diuretics, which can cause problems with her electrolytes. She is on 100% oxygen with no mixture, as opposed to the 25% mixed with room air. The pulmonologist wanted some blood tests and x-rays to evaluate Andrea's reaction to all the changes.

Ken and I were concerned, too, about taking Andrea home because she is not herself. She has been getting progressively paler, and is pretty lethargic. Usually, she has a period of wakefulness after eating, and is alert and active for about an hour or so. Since Wednesday, she eats and sleeps. In the 30 hours I was in the hospital from yesterday to today, I think she was her usual feisty self for about an hour. Ken and I are concerned that she may need another blood transfusion. This is how her symptoms began the last time she needed blood.

Update: Breaking news as of 8 p.m.: Just got off the phone with Andrea's nurse. The blood count that they did at 7 p.m. came back really low. Normal is 32 to 36. Andrea was at 25! So, some time tonight, she's getting blood. She just ate at 7, and they can't transfuse her until two hours after her last meal. The nurse's estimate is that she'll get blood about 10 tonight. It takes 4 hours for the transfusion, and then she needs to wait two hours after it's completed before she can eat again. Whoever is on with her tonight is going to have her hands full of crying, hungry baby!

In some ways, it was hard to leave Andrea behind. Harder this time than when I was first discharged in early March. Back then, we KNEW she needed to be in NICU, or she wouldn't survive. Now, it's much more of a judgement call. Maybe she would have come home and been 100% fine. Or maybe we would be rushing back to the emergency room tomorrow. We can't tell, so we have to trust we've made the right choice. Now, based on the note above, we KNOW we made the right choice!

Please continue to pray, and keep reading the blog. I'll keep updating information as we have it. We are definitely at the "any day" now phase, but we don't know when. Babies are not discharged over the weekend, so we're on hold until Monday. At that point, the doctors will have more data to make better decisions.

"It ain't over til it's over"
Yogi Berra


  1. We understand exacting how you feel. More then anything you want your child home. But through experience you want to have the confidence that she is ready. There were several times with Brian we couldn't wait to get home but in a few hours there was a rebound back to the hosital. Just look how much little Andrea has progressed. Don't woory the time will come where you will all be a family at home.

    Brian's journal - I look at Brian's face and all I can see is such strength and courage. I begin to think about people who spend so much time on trivia crap. I quess sometimes when problems exit you realize the importance of life and to live each day to the fullest.

    Love and continued prayers always.
    Uncle Pete

  2. Hang in there guys. You are doing an awesome job... I second the comment above... it is very tough to wait, our minds always know this, but our hearts...well that's a different story. Waiting can sometimes be excruciatingly difficlut. Know you are doing what's right for Andrea in following the advice of the Doctors. Getting her more stable, is the better choice, so when she does come home, you'll feel more confident...
    Enjoy the moments! Deb & Scott