Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Life at Home

Now that Andrea is out of the hospital, I'm not going to post every day. I'm shooting for every other day, but I may not pull it off.

We made our first outing today, going to the pediatrician and the opthamologist. The hospital required us to get Andrea to the pediatrician two days after discharge. So, we learned that she's gained weight (a great sign!) and now weighs 6 pounds 2 ounces. (In the outside world, we're back to English measures) and is 18 inches long. We were anxious for the appointment, because Andrea was discharged on several medications, in addition to the oxygen. Two of her medications are diuretics, so the doctor ordered blood work for Monday, to make sure Andrea's electrolytes are stable. She's also having a blood count done, so we can make sure her hematocrit is good.

After the pediatrician, we were off to the opthamologist to make sure Andrea's eyes are ok. There is a concern in preemies that the retina don't develop properly. Andrea's right eye is now completely normal - what appeared to be a problem was just her prematurity. Her left eye is resolving, but still not normal, so we follow up in three weeks.

That's all for now. Being home with Andrea is more tiring than the trips to New Brunswick, and I need some sleep. She'll be up in a few hours to eat, and I'll need to be there too!


  1. She looks so sweet in her crib. So happy she's home with you!
    Leslie & Michael