Sunday, March 8, 2009

First Picture on the Blog

Andrea has been on antibiotics since birth. There was a concern that she might have an infection, although infection and inflammation present in similar ways in preemies. Since the preemie mantra is "better safe than sorry", the doctors decided to treat Andrea for infection. As of today, she is off the antibiotics, and there are no signs of infection or inflammation.

All other things with Andrea are good. She had more milk this morning, and we're waiting to see how that was tolerated. Her sugar continues to be well controlled, and she is breathing on her own in addition to with the ventilator. She was asleep in her little "nest" today, made from a receiving blanket she got for Christmas. It makes me feel good to see her surrounded by things from the people who love her.

Ken finally found my digital camera, so today I was able to get pictures in digital format. I have pictures on my cell, and on 35mm, but finally I can upload! Unfortunately, there is no scale in the image, so you don't get a good grasp of how tiny she is, but we wanted all her fans to see her. She was snoozing through my whole visit, so no shots with opened eyes today.

To provide scale for Andrea's size, the pictures in the isolette are standard 2" x 3" wallet prints. She really is SMALL!

Please keep praying and sending positive energy Andrea's way. Her progress so far proves it's working.

"Nothing has more strength than dire necessity." Euripides


  1. She is beautiful! Love seeing a picture of you precious little girl! Praying!
    Deb & Scott

  2. We hope and pray that Andrea keeps doing so well. Every one is in our prayers, especially Baby Andrea.

    With all our love,
    Grandma Marie & Grandpa Al.