Thursday, March 5, 2009

One Week Today!

Today marks one week since Andrea was born. In many ways, the first week is the most crutial - there are problems that arise during the first week that don't appear later. So far, the valve in Andrea's heart remains closed (5 more weeks until we know it's closed permanently), her lungs are working fairly well, and she has not had any intercranial bleeding. The NICU staff will do another ultrasound of her brain to make sure that there has been no bleeding since the last scan. While it is still possible for any of the previous problems to reappear, it's much less likely moving forward.

Andrea is continuing to hold her own. The nurses have cut out milk temporarily because there have been some concerns about her ability to digest milk properly right now. When you consider that her stomach and intestines thought they had 13 more weeks before being pressed into service, it's not a surprise that we hit minor bumps in the road.


  1. This is a wonderful milestone. Dan and I think about Andrea everyday and send our love. Thank you for keeping us posted this way.

  2. Great to hear how wonderful your precious girl is doing! The NICU is at the same time a really challenging and amazingly wonderful place to be. We keep you guys in our thoughts and prayers, and hope for continued progress for little Andrea...
    Deb & Scott