Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Maintaining Balance in the Universe

I have a theory - the universe needs to maintain a balance of cr*p in order to continue to exist. The last two days have proved my theory. On the good news side (or to be positive) Andrea continues to progress. Her feedings have been increased to 3 ml every three hours. Mom saw her today, and she is obviously gaining weight. According to the nurse, another 30 grams, which is more than an ounce. Her ventilator settings have been increased slightly, but no one in NICU seems to be worried about the new settings.

On the bad news side (or to be negative) I have hit a rough road in my recovery. Yesterday, I spiked a fever of 102.2 F. I was told to head right to the emergency room, so Mom and I spent our evening there, getting home at 3 a.m. this morning. I was given an antibiotic and not much information. That was bad enough, but it got worse today. While trying to get my sneakers on, I bent over and heard a "pop". When Mom came to investigate, she discovered that I had broken open my surgical site, and ruptured an abscess. So, Mom and I spent another 7 hours in the emergency room today, getting home about 10 p.m. I was given a CT scan, and endured some fairly awful procedures that I will not detail here. Suffice to say, I have an extremely icky wound that will remain extremely icky for weeks to come.

So, here is the explanation for my theory - in order for the universe to remain in balance, there needs to be a corresponding bit of difficulty or hardship for each good thing that transpires. We have been, and continue to be, extremely blessed by Andrea's progress as she tries to continue her gestation in NICU. Since the universe will not allow such ongoing happiness without a down side, I seem to have become the downside. I refuse to whine about the situation, but after a total of 12 hours in the ER over 2 days, I am indulging in a pity party for one brief moment.

I told the ER doctor tonight that, if I had a choice between Andrea doing well, and me having complications, or reversing the situation, I would gladly keep things as they are. I am happy to have our baby girl continue to progress normally. However, I am REALLY ready for a break for myself. As many of you know, this has been one challenge after another since I learned I was pregnant!

As always, please continue to pray for Andrea. She is doing well, and I will gladly take the universe's cr*p in exchange.

"If God sends us on strong paths, we are provided strong shoes." Corrie TenBoom

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