Thursday, April 2, 2009

At Last

I have to indulge myself with two pictures. I was able to Kangaroo with Andrea for a whole hour today, and her nurse was kind enough to take some snapshots.

As of 5:29 this evening, Andrea is celebrating 5 weeks of life. We mark this milestone with joy and a sense of thankfulness, relieved that Andrea continues to have relatively uneventful progress in NICU.

Andrea did very well for the hour of Kangaroo Care today. Her vital signs remained relatively steady and her oxygen only needed to be slightly increased. The most surprising thing I learned today was that Andrea can finally cry! When the nurse moved her out of the isolette and into my arms, Andrea was not happy to be disturbed from her little nest. As she was placed in my arms, she started crying a true baby cry, not the little squeaks I heard yesterday. Considering she is so tiny, she got a decent volume out of her lungs. It was hard not to laugh at the sound. I'm sure the day will come that I wish for Andrea to stop crying, but today, it was music to my ears. TO my immense delight, some rocking and singing soothed her, and Andrea settled into sleep on my chest, but not before yanking the CPAP tube out of her nose and dislodging the prongs completely.

I learned today that I have been incorrectly referring to Andrea's breathing support as CPAP. The neonatologist informed me that it's actually called Nasal IMV. A nurse later explained that it's the same thing, but Nasal IMV is the newer, and more correct, term. Since I strive for perfection in all things, I will stop calling Andrea's breathing support CPAP and start using Nasal IMV. So, speaking of her Nasal IMV, the doctors decided today to reduce the amount of support that Andrea receives. She still gets her air under pressure, but now the system is delivering fewer breaths for her, allowing her to breath more on her own. The nurses will test her blood to make sure she's still getting enough oxygen without the higher level of support.

Since one of the goals of NICU remains trying to get Andrea to grow, her milk level is being increased again. Her feedings today are 14 ml every three hours, plus the vitamins and extra calorie supplements. One more ml, and she'll be getting a whole tablespoon every feeding. Her weight today was 770 grams, or 1 pound, 11.16 ounces. She is slowly closing in on the two pound mark. I think we'll rejoice when she hits 900 grams, which will be double her birth weight.

Thank you for the prayers that have brought Andrea to her 5 week birthday. We ask for continued prayers that she remains strong and progresses well.

"Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver." Barbara De Angelis


  1. Beautiful. All the best to Mum and baby... God Bless

  2. Oh Tori the pictures are wonderful! I am so happy! God Bless!