Monday, April 13, 2009

A Better Day

We are pleased to report a better day for Andrea than yesterday. Interestingly enough, so far she has not needed another blood transfusion. We were convinced that she was going to have one today, based on her erratic oxygen levels on Sunday. However, when we spoke to Andrea's nurse last night, it seems that Andrea was just being difficult. She was facing out the window (overlooking Rutgers football stadium) and she really doesn't like being on that side. Once the nurse repositioned her to fact into the room (on her left side) her oxygen levels came back up and were much more steady.

Andrea gained anther 10 grams, now weighing 920 g, (2 pounds, 0.45 ounces). She is still 13 inches long, so she looks more baby-like. She has flesh covering her body, and her cheeks are almost chubby. Her milk, still fortified with extra calories and MCT oil, has been increased to 17 ml every three hours, beginning today. Her CPAP pressure is remaining at 7 for now.

When I spoke with the doctor during rounds, she gave me some of the long range goals. If Andrea can get down to a CPAP level of 5 and still be well-oxygenated, the staff can replace CPAP with a much thinner nasal cannula. It would serve a similar purpose, but won't be so annoying to Andrea, and would be easier on her skull bones. This is probably a few weeks down the road. Changes are made slowly, to avoid having to go backwards.

The doctor today expressed pleasure in how Andrea is progressing. In her words "We don't always have successful outcomes". Even though we are nowhere near the end of this odyssey, we have to acknowledge that Andrea's progress has been unusually positive so far. More than one person in NICU has commented on it. Her success is due to all of you who are reading this blog and praying for her. Thank you for your support, and for spreading the word to the corners of the world. We know it's been a long haul already, but we're asking for continued prayers as Andrea continues to develop.

Everything that is done in the world is done by hope.

Martin Luther

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