Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Quick Update

I'm too tired for words right now, but I know many of you will worry if there's no post tonight, so I'm going to throw together the highlights of today's visit.

Andrea had another blood transfusion today. While it is always hard to see her getting blood, this is the first time in over a week she's needed it. According to the nurse, Andrea's blood counts weren't bad, but they weren't great, so they decided to build her up a bit. She gets no milk during the 4 hour transfusion, or for 2 hours before and 2 hours after so she also has an IV in again for nutrition. As a result, she had ports in both hands, which is sad to see.

When she does eat today, it'll be a repeat of yesterday - 15 ml of milk along with the fortifier and the powdered formula. It's obviously working - today Andrea weighed 805 grams, or 1 pound, 12.4 ounces. She's gaining weight, moving forward at her own pace.

Even with the transfusion, I was able to hold Andrea for almost an hour today. She is getting used to being out of the isolette and is quite wonderful to hold. She's so small, it's like holding air, but her little body feels so sweet. It's hard to resist the urge to kiss her, but I worry about introducing germs that she'd have to fight, so I do resist. Ken is still sick, so while he visited with Andrea, he decided against any contact, to avoid making her ill, too.

I promise to write more tomorrow, and I'll post more pictures. In the meantime, thank you for continued prayers. They help more than we can express, and we can see the benefit every day when we visit Andrea.

"I am thankful to God from whom all blessings flow, and to my family and friends who enrich my life. "
Author Unknown, from May This Encourage You, Always

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  1. Dear Baby Andrea,

    You keep growing! And we will keep praying. Love to Mom and Dad.

    Kisses & Hugs from Adele, Frank, Greta & Mike