Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One Kilogram!

At her weigh in today, Andrea was a whopping 1005 grams! (Barely more than a kilogram, or 2 pounds, 3.5 ounces) This represents a 100 gram weight gain from yesterday. Andrea has never gained this much weight in one day before, but she has had relatively big weight gains (for her size, of course). Generally, her pattern after a big gain is to drop a bit the next day, but she always comes back. Plus, we believe that crossing the 1,000 gram mark for the first time is cause for celebration! Nevertheless, we will not be surprised if she's smaller tomorrow. We learned today that Andrea can be moved to a crib when she weighs 1,800 grams. Now that we're on the up side of 1,000, that doesn't seem like such an unattainable goal.

In light of her new, larger size, Andrea's food has been increased to 18 ml every three hours, complete with all the fortifications. Additionally, since she has had no apnea episodes at all since birth, her caffeine has been eliminated starting tomorrow. It will take a few days for all of it to leave her system (as anyone who has gone through caffeine withdrawal can attest) and then she'll be watched closely. If she begins to have apnea, the caffeine will be reintroduced.

Andrea had a follow up eye exam to the initial exam of two weeks ago. While eye problems have not been conclusively ruled out, she is scheduled for a recheck in another two weeks. As I mentioned previously, when the doctors suspect a serious problem, rechecks happen weekly. So we see this as a good sign. On Friday, Andrea will have a thyroid test done. The State of NJ routinely tests newborn babies for a host of congenital problems, and Andrea tested positive for hypothyroidism. However, chances are that this result is caused by Andrea's extreme prematurity, not a real thyroid problem. Still, she is being followed by an endocrinologist until she no longer tests positive for the condition, or until it is determined that she really does have a problem.

Andrea continues to progress slowly and steadily. Please continue to remember her in your prayers.

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1)”

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  1. of course, she's in my prayers all the time. btw, are you breastfeeding her? awesome! i don't have enough milk :(
    good luck! andrea. can't wait to meet you!