Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nothing to Report

I am happy to report that absolutely NOTHING has changed in Andrea's world in the past 24 hours. She lost 15 grams of weight, which is next to nothing, and not worth worrying about. Since she had a transfusion yesterday, she actually missed two feedings, which certainly contributed to any loss. (When she gets a transfusion, she doesn't get fed two hours before, two hours after, or during the 4 hour process)

We can tell the transfusion was a good decision. Andrea was much more her usual feisty self today. I was able to hold her for almost two hours - the longest time yet for her to be out of the isolette. She was better able to tolerate being out, and her oxygen levels were not as variable as they've been over the past few days. Her feedings are still 20 ml of fortified milk with MCT oil, and the pressure on her CPAP is still at 6. Unfortunately, Andrea still turns purple without oxygen support.

So, sorry for the short post, but all is well, so there's not much to say. We are thrilled that Andrea is doing so well, and that there IS so little to report. Even the doctor today had little to add. She's doing exactly what she needs to do right now, and just has to try to grow bigger and stronger. Thank you for the prayers that are helping her do just that.

What is impossible with men is possible with God.

Luke 18:27

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